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Once America entered the war over 1,400 Chicago-area companies converted almost overnight in a once in history achievement  resulting in re-purposing all of America’s vast manufacturing abilities into producing the weapons, foods, medicines, aircraft, ships, and converting a negligible in size army into an unstoppable force of 16.2 men, including 325,000 non-combatant women.  Except for Detroit, no city produced more armaments and goods than Chicago.  The locales included among hundreds of others, B-24 and B-29 engine manufacturing and assembly plants, torpedo assembly, portable radio factories,  shell-casing manufacturing, even penicillin and other medicines.  The valiant efforts of the men at war would not have succeeded without the support and total war production from millions on the Home Front.  Every man, woman, boy and girl did something.

FACTS OF INTEREST OVER 80-YEARS LATER                                                                          THE ‘WONDER DRUG’   The first widespread use of  Penicillin took place on D-DAY, June 6, 1944, the most important 24 hours of the 20th Century.  Every American, British, and Canadian soldier who landed on the five beaches was also armed with units of Penicillin.

SCRAP DRIVES AND VICTORY GARDENS  In every vacant lot (called ‘prairies’ in Chicago) in every American city, town, and village, so many vegetables were grown – over 40% of what was needed – that the excess was canned and sent to Europe to feed allies and soldiers.  Every city and town had numerous scrap drives, resulting in millions of tons converted into everything from tanks to ships.  Everyone did their share and did it enthusiastically.

WOMEN IN THE WORK FORCE  Before the war women ‘had their place,’ and it wasn’t doing ‘men’s work.’  The war changed that and proved that women not only had the same skills as men but had equivalent muscle power to do the jobs previously given only to men. Unfortunately  they were not paid the same wages, but today’s women in the military do the same jobs as men and all are better  because of equality.


It took forty years of on-site research along with generous amounts of procrastination, dithering, excuses, and even good reasons, until in 2029 the author finally wrote  his first book, one with an entirely different perspective on the war that saved mankind.  It took years of repeated trips, first-person interviews, photography, and deep research, but the book’s 22 chapters indeed enter the overlooked but real, existing, and unchanged places that changed the outcome of the war.   Although some have been forgotten by history, most can be visited

As a journalist with a distinct style, writing the book became an opportunity to thank those of the ‘greatest generation’ who are still with us that their service was not in vain and that what they accomplished saved humanity from entering a new dark age.   

Now in three forms, hardback, Kindle, and paperback, after more than four years the work continues to sell.  There can be only one reason for the continued sales: REFERRAL.  The author humbly thanks those who recommended the book to others, and to the 100% of professional reviewers who recommended it, and to the 96% of Amazon readers who gave it thumbs-up.  Available on Amazon at special prices.