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(L) TRENT PARK – The posh London mansion where 59 captured German generals were given nearly open access, while every word spoken was secretly recorded from listeners in the cellar.
WESTERN APPROACHES COMMAND CENTER In Liverpool, the overlooked two-level, concrete-encased, bunker from where all convoys entering or departing Liverpool and UK ports were controlled. The locale that directed attacks against U-boats.

With scores of photos, many never before seen, the 88,000 – word book will reveal overlooked places and events that will challenge the knowledge of even the most avid enthusiast. Here is a first look at the chapters:
CHAPTER ONE – THE FALL OF FRANCE- BLOOD, TOIL, TEARS AND SWEAT – The appeasement policy fails. Britain is about to pay the price.
Wednesday, September 4, 1940 – A CABINET MEETING IN THE BUNKER. Churchill enters his war headquarters, hiding in plain sight in the heart of London, an easy target for German attack.
CHAPTER THREE – LIVERPOOL AND THE WESTERN APPROACHES COMMAND CENTER. The rarely seen two-level underground headquarters that controlled entry and departure of all the wartime convoys supplying Britain.
CHAPTER FOUR – FDR’s UNDECLARED WAR. Overlooked for decades are the facts from declassified files revealing FDR’s secret aid to Britain long before America’s entry.
CHAPTER FIVE- SECRET MISSION TO SINGAPORE. The least-known US Navy mission discloses how and why FDR approved the pre-war loan of five US transports to take an entire British division to beleaguered Singapore in its last dying days.
CHAPTER SIX – FALL OF “THE GIBRALTAR OF THE EAST” Japanese bombs drop on the American transports disembarking British troops in Singapore, with death or imprisonment ahead for the 16th Division in Britain’s biggest war loss in history.
CHAPTER SEVEN – FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA – THE UNKNOWN ODYSSEY OF THE SS AMERICA/USS WEST POINT. Unknown after seven decades the pride of America’s merchant fleet becomes a troop-ship and sails to glory.
CHAPTER EIGHT – BLETCHLEY PARK: THE SECRET WAR. First disclosed by the author, a tattered collection of temporary buildings in the British countryside where the Nazi Enigma cypher was broken. Churchill called the historic disclosure, ” my golden geese that never cackle.” Along with the Atomic Bomb, the war’s major secret.
CHAPTER NINE – U-BOAT SANCTUARY. The largest remains of the war in Europe, virtually intact after 7 decades.
CHAPTER TEN – INSIDE THE LIONS DEN. In a rare exclusive, view the intact former headquarters from where Admiral Karl Doenitz commanded the U-boat fleet that almost won the war for Nazi Germany.
CHAPTER ELEVEN – LAUNCHING THE INVASION. SOUTHWICK HOUSE AND D-DAY. Almost everyone knows the day when the invasion took place, but few know that the location where the decision was made is in its original appearance.
CHAPTER TWELVE – THE BAND OF BROTHERS. The famed “Easy Company” from D-Day to Hitler’s mountain hideaway.
CHAPTER THIRTEEN – AIR FORCE PILOT, HERO, AND MOVIE STUART: JIMMY STEWART AND THE NEED TO FLY. Too tall, too thin, too old, one of America’s unsung hero’s and the same base in England from where he flew B-24s to bomb Germany.
CHAPTER FOURTEEN – THE US ARMY AIR FORCE IN EUROPE. They had ten times the casualties of the infantry but they still flew against the odds and into history.
CHAPTER FIFTEEN – “LITTLE AMERICA:” PATRIOTISM AND PRODUCTION BUILT THE BASES. Funded by the United States, every major and minor contractor in Britain built scores of fully-functioning bases in an area the size of New Jersey.
CHAPTER SIXTEEN – ATTACKING THE HEART OF GERMANY. Learn how the airmen adapted to ever-improving German tactics but still lost 28,000 killed in fierce air combat.
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN – LIVING THE HISTORY/THE BASES WHERE IT BEGAN. Walk the perimeter tracks and runways and view control towers and remaining parts of the bases, including ghostly footprints and initials left for history.
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN – A BOY ON THE FENCE. Decades after the war, the author is told how a ten-year old boy became the mascot for a B-24 and its crew, that would later have a tragic ending. And learns about it from the same person.
CHAPTER NINETEEN – THE NORDEN BOMBSITE AND THE MYTH OF STRATEGIC BOMBING. Made in great secrecy, the story of how the famous precision bomb-sight became one of the war’s major failures.
CHAPTER TWENTY – TRENT PARK TATTLETALES. How and why 59 captured German generals were ensconced in near-luxury in a posh London mansion, all the while unaware that every word spoken was being secretly recorded. Enter the same mansion on the last day it would be open before conversion into apartments.
CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE – THE ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY. The war could not have been won without American involvement, with a special salute to the US Home Front and the factories then and now where the war goods were made.
CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO – REMAINS OF THE REICH: INTACT TRACES IN UNEXPECTED PLACES With photos, descriptions, and present-day views of Nazi remains proving that the “Thousand Year Reich” was no fantasy.

With numerous photos, most never-before seen. Order now on Amazon and receive an Amazon bonus with the order. The approx 335-page hard-bound book will be mailed on March 1, 2019.